Friday, May 11, 2007

Back to Front: A New Departure to Old Beginnings

The inimitable Jon Kenny returns to the stage with a fantastic new show entitled ‘Back to Front’. The new show heralds a welcome return for Jon to the comedy and work that made his reputation. Drawing on his impressive background in stand-up, comedic characterisation and music, Back to Front is another exhilarating show from the talented Kenny.

Jon uses the changing face of contemporary Ireland as the scaffold on which to build his hilarious observations and characters. With an astute eye for the ridiculous in modern life, Jon focuses on Ireland’s new characters, lambasting the emerging Irish eccentricities in our newly affluent era. Running through such contrasting experiences as supporting Munster rugby to visiting a health spa, Kenny takes no prisoners and delights in emphasizing the hilarity in everyday life.

Jon is not merely a comic performer, however, as is evident from his Irish Times Theatre nomination for Best Actor in the 2005 Island Theatre/Glór co-production of Dylan Thomas’s Under Milk Wood. Back to Front features Kenny’s all-new characters, Buckley the Builder, Paddy the Mayo Man, and the Twelve Disciples of Leinster in a return to the versatile character-work that made him a beloved household name.

Back to Front promises a night of expert comedy and exciting new work, combined with a celebration of Jon’s masterful musicality. Joined by musicians on fiddle and double bass, Back to Front sweeps through multiple genres of modern entertainment and admirably displays Kenny’s skill in each.

Back to Front is a thrilling experience for lovers of comedy everywhere.